Frequently Asked Questions

2-Day free registration code

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1. First you have to install the program - DOWNLOAD

2. In Roulette Advisor (Registration tab) you must fill the data as shown

3. Click the button "Genarate"

4. Leave all data via submit form - as shown

You will receive2-day free registration code within 24 hours. You paste the registration code (STEP 3) and push the button UNLOCK.

If the code will be correct the program will see THE PROGRAM IS REGISTERD.

If the code will be wrong, please check the data you fill into registration form if they are exact as you received it.

Please do not change any data after you received the registration code from us. . Please check both CODE and REGISTRATION CODE they must be exact as you received from us. Do not click GENERATE to generate new code in step 2.

If you did al step by step and you have a problems please contact us via Trouble Ticketing, thank you.